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Lee Kantz is a digital media pioneer with more than 30 years in digital media, including digital marketing, e-commerce, online education, web publishing and interactive media.

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A unique mix of experience that combines executive management and P&L responsibility with hands-on creative, technical and analytical skills across the entire range of digital marketing and e-commerce strategies.

Marketing Leadership

Marketing management of online and traditional businesses, management of a lead generation division of, product leadership of the earliest online reference services in 1993, and leadership and consulting roles at a wide range of startups, small businesses, non-profits and entrepreneurial divisions of large organizations.

Digital Marketing

Strategic and hands-on skills in the full range of digital marketing techniques. Expert knowledge of e-commerce platforms, content management systems, CRM and email marketing systems, marketing automation, social media, SEO, SEM, HTML and CSS. Certified in Google AdWords.


A strategic and creative leader with a customer-focused approach to copywriting, ad creative, positioning, targeting, retargeting and more. Design experience honed from working with leading interaction designers and UX experts. Editorial experience gained from years at Encyclopædia Britannica and working with educators.


Oversight of multi-million-dollar budgets and large staffs, management and integration of strategic acquisitions, reporting and presenting to investors and boards of directors, and defining marketing, product and overall business vision.


Neil L. Holman, Ph.D.

Dean, Educational Programs and Development,
Lake Forest Graduate School of Management

“I have known Lee for more than twenty-five years. He is a bright, committed, and talented man who is devoted to strategy, marketing, and production. If you are looking for a combination of digital experience and thinking outside the box, Lee’s your man.”

Leslie Lancry

Founder, Language Stars

“Lee is a driven marketing executive with amazing capability in the digital space! He created a brand new Language Stars website and video and tracked impressive SEM campaigns, e-blasts, website tests and retargeted banner advertising.”

Deb Beckman

Marketing Consultant, Spirit West Marketing

“Lee has watched the marketing world change in a dramatic way…and he’s already forgotten more than I’ll ever know. And while he may be a strategic thinker, he also understands that crazy ideas only go so far if you don’t have the time or money to execute.”

Charles Evans

Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs (Retired),
University of Illinois

“I am always impressed how Lee remained on the cutting edge of online marketing and social media. And how he was able to share and implement his knowledge, effectively, in a variety of forums.”

Douglas Ryan

President, RRD Marketing Solutions

“Lee has a unique skill set that bridges the IT and marketing disciplines.”

Christine Wallace

Vice President, Global Campus,
Kettering University

“Lee is a ‘can do’ kind of guy. Hard-working, dedicated and willing to do what it takes to get the job done! Add to this, he is just a ‘nice guy,’ and you have the recipe for the kind of person that will make a difference on any project or possibility you have in mind. I have personally worked with Lee and found him to be someone who is bright, witty and willing to dig into a problem to help solve it! I highly recommend him.”

Jade Sholty

Freelance Designer, Water Walk Media

“Lee Kantz is one of the brightest and dedicated online marketing professionals I have ever worked with. He is a pleasure to work with, full of creative ideas, and he has a practical sense that helps guide projects to successful completion (while staying in budget). He gets the job done and makes the work fun. A great team player and leader.”

Bill Petruski

Vice President of Sales,
Green Flower Media

“As a marketing professional, Lee earned the respect of our entire sales division through his customer focused approach and thoughtful attention to our entire value-chain. Lee met regularly with senior members of sales to ensure that marketing strategies were continuously in line with emerging business conditions. Additionally, he is a funny, intelligent, thoughtful person. He would be a wonderful addition to any corporate culture. I hope to work with Lee again.”

Sylvia Caballero

Campaign Manager,
Amazon Media Group

“As a direct report to Lee, I was able to learn from the best! Not only did he teach me new skills in marketing and communications strategies, but also showed me the importance of approaching each project with integrity. He is a wonderful mentor to young professionals–I would love the opportunity to work for him again.”

Christopher Klaus

Solution Engineer, Talend

“My team of web engineers worked to support Lee’s business goals to further develop Monster’s Learning Products. While working with Lee, I found that he has a amazing talent for producing returns that exceed revenue expectations. Lee also does a great job of communicating business requirements and collaborating with web engineers to make implementing these requirements easier. I certainly enjoyed working with Lee and I know my team enjoyed working with him”



Itzy Ritzy

Currently leading acquisition marketing for BloomTech, an online coding school offering flexible part-time or full-time classes in Full Stack Web Development, Data Science, Backend Development and more.

University of Illinois

Serving as Chief Marketing Officer of the University of Illinois Global Campus, the most ambitious online initiative ever at a major state university system.

Building an education marketing division of from nothing to eight figures in two years, including oversight of a strategic acquisition in the educational directories space.

Language Stars

Serving as Chief Marketing and Enrollment Officer for Language Stars, once the national leader in foreign language for kids, including overseeing the company’s launch into a second market (Washington D.C.) and greatly expanding digital marketing initiatives.

Cardean University

Leading digital marketing for UNext, parent company of Cardean University, which built one of the first online MBA programs in conjunction with the University of Chicago, Stanford, Columbia and other top business schools.

Encyclopædia Britannica

A transformational role at the center of Encyclopædia Britannica‘s transition to electronic media, including project management of the first web-based encyclopedia in 1993, and editorial management of CD-ROM products in 1990.

I have also worked or consulted for the following organizations:

Itzy Ritzy


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