Expert Digital Marketing Strategies

Lee Kantz has worked at the crossroads of marketing and digital media for a quarter century and is current engaged as an Internet Marketing and Strategy Consultant.

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Lee's accomplishments include Chief Marketing Officer positions at the national leader in foreign language education for kids and at a prominent online education initiative at the University of Illinois, as well as building a successful Internet marketing division of and leading marketing for Shiftgig.

Lee's digital experience dates back to the earliest days of the commercial Internet and to CD-ROM publishing before then, at the center of Encyclopædia Britannica’s transition to electronic media in the early 1990s.

Lee has a unique mix of skills that combines executive management—including P&L responsibility, strategic planning, management of diverse teams, and communicating with boards and investors—with hands-on creative and technical execution in the full range of traditional and digital marketing strategies, as well as CRM systems, content management systems, and marketing analytics solutions.

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